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Digital Art By Ira Zoot ARTIST BIO

Welcome to ... Please stay as long as you wish! My artwork is perfect for a number of applications such as Commercial, Corporate, Residential, Hospitality,

Entertainment, Contract. If you have any questions you can contact me through the form here on the site. We're still in the process of getting the website built out ... so,

what you're seeing is  going to change a lot.

My style leans toward Abstract Expressionism or just Abstract - you can tack on whichever other descriptor you feel fits. But I have never really "labeled" my artwork as

one thing or the other ... it feels to me like labeling it would be restrictive. Most of the pieces are evocative of a mood at the time I was creating it. I set out with the goal

of creating a work that can be looked at in an analytic manner as some like to do or just be seen and enjoyed. Most of my artwork has lots of texture, "movement" and

colors that are most often vibrant.

The collections  here on the site generally have a number of variations. I really love working with colors, depth & textures and one the great things about being a digital

artist is that there aren't really many limitations so our art can continue to evolve with our creative vision.


I also create what I call "DigitalWatercolors" ... which originate from photos I've been commissioned to create or  that the client supplies to me to work from. If a completely

original work of art is desired the client will be charged  a creative fee for the artwork and any of the costs involved with capturing that special  image to work with.  In the

case that an image is supplied there would be the creative fee determine by the piece.


I will be offering Archival prints that are printed on Arches paper or Canvas. Print sizes available will be listed with each piece and doesn't include matting or framing. I will

in time be integrating my artwork from which are available on Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass tiles. These can be utilized and displayed in a number of ways. As

accent tiles, Flooring, table tops or as murals. Soon I will be able to offer fabrics with my artwork for a variety of applications.


All the pieces available on will be limited editions of 10 or the piece can be purchased as a "one of the kind original" that will never be printed again.  If you haven't

found that "piece that fits you personally" I do commissioned artwork as well.


Zoot has partnerships in place to created a variety of products utilizing his artwork from clothing, fine art prints, textiles that will be applied to a variety of home and office

products, ceramic - porcelain - class - metal tiles and murals and more. Smaples will be added to the product area as they are made available.

Zoot has also been involved in Internet Property development since he first registered back in 1995. So many times did he hear how crazy he was to "invest in air".

But this proved to be among the things Zoot was on the bleeding edge of regardless of the criticism. He has acquired a respectable porfolio of premium brandable and

generic domains which he plans on developing, leasing and in some cases selling.

Zoot saw that domains were going to be the future "real estate" and marketing tools that they've become. In the time since people were proclaiming how crazy Zoot was

to see domains as important he has assisted a number of these people in finding the pefect domain for their busineses as well as with their brand identity and artwork.


Again ... please hang in there for changes and details we are just getting things rolling. Don't forget you can contact me with any questions or ideas you have. I'm always

open to opportunities for licensing or partnerships.


Thanks for taking the time to look around.   Make sure to check back often.


 Ira Zoot


All Contents of Site are Owned & Copyrighted 2019 By Ira Zoot
Bio Products Coming Soon Contact Home  Illustration Digital Watercolors